With Couleurs d’enfants, inclusion begins in early childhood (ANG)

By the Maison de l’innovation sociale / MIS Québec, on February 24th 2021

Familiar with the problems of social exclusion that persist in society, the NPO Couleurs d’enfants, which was part of the Civic Incubator’s fall 2020 cohort, helps childcare and school personnel promote the integration of ethnic and physical diversity in educational activities.

The birth of a social innovation

Where are you from?” As an early childhood educator, Jolette Côté has often aroused children’s curiosity: “When I was surrounded by preschoolers, not a single day went by without someone asking me about my skin colour and my origins. Being quite comfortable talking about it, I explained to the children all the beauty of human diversity and enthusiastically observed their excitement to discover more.read more

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